Feel the Base…

The Steamie house has undergone a lot of improvements over the past year… new guest bathroom, couch, curtains, dining table, dining chandelier, even new carpet… but the new carpet process left a little something to be desired.

We took out the base boards, with the plan that new and improved baseboards would be going in right after the carpet was installed.  … or maybe just after our birthdays… or maybe after the wedding… after the honeymoon.   Ok… how about just before the holidays.  No… just AFTER the holidays.   And here we are in April.   Here we are 9 months after the carpet was installed.

I was getting worried we were just going to live with the “unfinished” look… but my whining combined with Mr. Steamie having a day off = guys installing the new baseboards!  YAY!

I didn’t take any before photos (simply due to boycotting documenting that phase of our household)  but I did take some AFTER pics!

Now we just need a fun, cozy chair for this little corner I hope will someday be a reading nook!


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