Steamie hit’s the slopes

For several years now I’ve been lucky enough to head up to Park City, Utah to play in the fluffy powder!   I basically learned to snowboard on the slopes at Park City Mountain Resort.  Lots of lessons, but eventually I got the hang of it!

This year was exciting, since I got to take Steve on the family trip, and introduce him to the cute town, and all the fun it has to offer!

We arrived on Saturday, checked in to the timeshare early, and headed out for some shopping & lunch on Main Street.  Concluding with the traditional Pizza dinner at Fuego’s the first night in town.

Sunday we went cross country skiing.  A first for Steve, and only the second time for me, my mom & Ray.  It was peaceful, beautiful, and one HECK of a work out.  Seriously… I was sore for days, in muscles i’m not sure I’ve ever used before.

we headed to the Utah Olympic Park (and museum).  We got a tour of the bobsled track, and ski jump runs that were used in the 2002 winter Olympics.  It’s really a cool place, you learn a lot about the winter sports, the history of skiing in the area, and t kinda makes you wish you’d started earlier and trained to do aerial jumps or something!!

After touring- we visited Deer Valley resort.  It’s a premier ski resort- no snowboards allowed!  So since I can’t go there, we instead visited just to take in the sights and get some yummy hot coco and ride the funicular at the St. Regis.

We did dinner & margaritas at Miguels Baja Cantina. (why I couldn’t remember the name for the entire trip is confusing to me!  hahah… Miguels is a restaurant in San Diego, across the street from the hotel Del. But both have yummy food & great atmosphere.  After dinner Team Steamie braved the cold (10 degrees!) to hit up some local nightlife- we visited the wasatch brew pub & popped into galleries along main street to warm up & check out the art.  So pretty (but SO pricey!)

Monday we hit Park City for skiing & snowboarding.  It was a PERFECT day.

Not too cold, and since it had snowed the day before the runs were still feeling fresh!  We skiing straight through till the end of the day- and met up with my mom at “The Bridge” just off the Town Lift run.  So cool to ride your way right into town!

Back to the condo for a little spa time & relaxing at home.  We went out for a night cap at the Grub Steak– and it being Utah- we had to get some yummy appetizers with our Park City Cosmos!  MMM… bbq sauce.

Tuesday we opted to try something new to all of us- hitting the slopes at the Canyons.   All the years it’s been open, we’ve never tried it out.  Word on the street was that it had more advanced terrain, and while the map shows lots of blues, everything was really well groomed and it made for a really fun day!

The canyons is really spread out, it feels like they took a few small resorts and then stitched them together with lots of lifts & gondolas.  The most novel of the lifts was “the orange bubble”.  It had this orange plastic shield- which you could pull down and be – IN the bubble.  it blocked the wind & made it a surreal and quiet ride up the mountain.  I loved the orange shadows it cast on the white snow below.

It was a GREAT trip- and I think Steve enjoyed it enough to permanently cement our scheme to get a really cool mountain house there someday!  🙂


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