shades of gray… (in a good way)

There have been many couches that have come and gone.  Some nice & matching, some covered in fabrics not traditionally associated with a sofa (is that burlap!?).   There were years of being the “soccer room”.  The roomed served as festive gathering space, complete with plastic wrap and a round of indoor flip cup.  There were even several months functioning as a holding zone and even as the booze room.  But now – the living room finally is… a LIVING ROOM.

The new couch arrived completed to our custom dimensions.  And *surprise surprise* it’s gray! 

It’s look great and is super comfy.  The only flaw is it points out our dire need for big fabulous art on the wall above it!

*ps- pay no attention to the decorative pillows, as they are subject to change soon!


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