We’re Mr & Mrs!

Where to begin… hmm.. how about the FABULOUS wedding photos here. The photos do am amazing job of capturing the joy of our special day.

Beyond the big day- the weekend was completely fabulous from top to bottom.

Let’s just step back in time & recap… after a little bit of frenzy early in the week (I was having an “I can’t do it” moment, and I didn’t think we’d EVER finish all the final crafts)… Steve calmed me down, and my amazing friends (The ‘A’ team) Andrea & Audrey, and their respective men folk Evan & Sam all popped on by the house to help assemble, plant, paste, brad, stick & bag the finishing touches!  Steve & two of his groomsman (who prefer their crafting to be kept anonymous) tied the string & buttons on ALL 170 succulent jars.  WOW.      That was all finished up the Wednesday before the wedding.  SO before the big day my heart was already swelling to know that our friends rocked, and that we’d all be ready for the day together!

Thursday: We got an early start on the day to drop all the goodies (actually finished!) to our fab coordinator Amanda.  Then we set off on errand after errand… shops & grandmas house, and the office, bank and back.  Finishing the day with his & hers massages & dinner out!  It was our wedding eve-eve… and it was relaxing & delightful.  Then we packed for the weekend & went to bad eager for Friday to arrive.

Friday: Rehearsal dinner day!   Lisha met Steve & I at the house, she helped us load up the car with our luggage, the gifts for our bridesmaids & hotel guests, the tux, and one very very large bag (The DRESS!).   Zipped up to LA no problem- said hellos to those in the hotel- grabbed some yummy BLTs and then my girls & I were off for our mani pedi.  Minor crisis’ ensued- not enough room at one salon for all of us- so we split up – essentially covering downtown LA with my bridesmaids!  Time was ticking– the three of us together had just finished all our pedicures- when we notice the time!  Uh oh… the girls dash off back to the hotel- leaving me to try to finish my manicure…  mid way- I see the clock- I’ve got mere minutes till I’m supposed to be heading to the church for the rehearsal!  Meep! I stop the manicure just before she gets to the actual color- and RUN… literally RUN and make phone calls the two blocks back to the hotel.  I wrangle a car full of bridesmaids & we dash to the church.     Once there- everything went smoothly- we practiced our walks, our bows & our exit.   I had butterflies all day, but as soon as we started rehearsing I finally felt cool as a cucumber!   And my favorite part of the rehearsal was looking up towards the altar and seeing literally ALL my very best friends in the world all lined up!   Thank you so much girls!

Then it was back to the hotel for the best dinner, drinks & toasts with all our bridal party & families!  Such a warm, homey way to spend the evening.   Apres dinner, the wedding party & some friends who’ve arrived in town headed out for a night cap at the whiskey bar next door… where we ran into other people I went to architecture school with!  Much hugs & merriment ensued, and then it was off to bed (got to catch the bridal beauty sleep).

Saturday:  The wedding DAY!!!  We woke up & headed to breakfast, luckily Lisha thwarted a near groom-sighting at the elevator.  She quickly shoved me back inside & closed the door until she was sure Steve was out of the vicinity!   Then up to the room for the make-up and hair extravaganza.  Two hairstylists & two makeup artists descended upon our hotel room transforming it into a full on salon.  The moms the girls & I were dazzled  & speedily transformed into the utmost fabulousness!  Sam & Audrey brought us in lunch and then it was time to put on the dress….  um… still going… it took what seemed like FOREVER to get all those tin buttons done- but with team work, and some contortions the girls got it!  They stealthily communicated with Steve to get the boys on the first bus- off to the concert hall before we loaded in for our ride.

First look- arriving at the concert hall the girls dashed out of the bus to scout out where Steve would be and when everything was all set- I left the (well air conditioned thank goodness) bus, and started up the steps to the upper garden.  My dear cousin held my giant train aloft as we climbed the stairs.  NOW this was getting real.  I could see Steve’s back as I finished the stairs, I could see the photographers, and the bridal party off in the distance.  As we got closer, everyone went to stand around the corner, I fixed my dress & veil a bit and started to walk towards Steve.  His back facing towards me, he was rocking back & forth from heel to toes.  I thought he looked a little nervous (he says he was just excited).  I tapped him on the shoulder, his cue to turn around & see me all dolled up!   It was the most exciting thing to see him see me!  LOVE IT!  I showed him all the details, my dress, the flower, my hair, and the felt corsage (my something blue).  He had made it for me this past valentines day.  The flower got him a little choked up- and he gave me the BIGGEST hug ever.  We sort of jumped up & down, and just held hands saying, “this is really it” and “we’re getting married!!” .   After our moments together alone, it was time to round up our friends and take photos!  We first went to the outdoor amphitheater at the concert hall, then down to the street level- and posed against the big wall.   There were people passing by, honking & waving, some even taking pictures of us taking pictures!  A very slow older man took a nice stroll in front of us too.  This is what I LOVED about getting married in public spaces!  You never know what you’ll encounter!      We took more photos on the steps of the concert hall and then we began the walk to the cathedral.   It’s a short walk- but as my bridesmaids can attest- it doesn’t feel that short, when you’re in HIGH heels!   Thank you girls for walking with me- I love the photos, and I had a vision of walking to the cathedral!

At the church- a few more photos with my bridesmaids, and then we got stashed down in the brides room to freshen up, rest our feet, and wait for the big moment to come!

Everyone was called to go up, then the coordinator came down to escort me & my mom in the elevator.  (I’m pretty sure some poor architecture intern had to have researched that that elevator was big enough for even a cathedral veil!)   I waited outside the elevator, the big concrete wall shielding me from the view of the arriving guests (Though I caught a glimpse of a few people who were running in the back door).  Then I could hear the organ start to play.  I knew that Steve would walk down with his parents, then the grandmas, then the bridesmaids.  I started to feel a few butterflies.  Then my mom beckoned me around the corner.  The music changed.  We stopped at the top of the aisle.

I looked out- first at Steve, then the wedding party up on the altar.  Then I took a moment to look at the guests.  I could see all my college friends in the back row!  We started walking.  My mom & I probably walked a little too fast- but it’s a long aisle, and well… we didn’t want to fall!  We got to the front, and I got to grab Steve’s arm & walk up to greet Father Hill.   The ceremony was wonderful.  It seemed to me to be the perfect amount of time.  Father Hill is a great speaker, and really made it feel so wonderful & personal.   I loved looking up at the church, and at our friends up there with us.    Then the big parts came- the “I Do”s and the rings!  And then we were Mr & Mrs!   Mission Accomplished!  With great joy (and  high kick from Steve) we turned & exited out into the courtyard.  As we got out, we turned back, and the bridesmaids & groomsman hollered & cheered- and that’s when I got choked up!  We’re married!  WOW!

Time for a flood of hellos & hugs & kisses, some fabulous photos with our newly united families.  Then- time for the PARTY!

It seemed like the sun set just as we rode the bus over to Union Station.  The caterer snuck us in the back door- and we quickly hopped upstairs to hide out while the guest enjoyed the cocktail hour.  I just kept peeking down from the balcony looking at how all the little pieces were arranged so magically around the room.  It looks just like I imagined it, and still so much better!    The drinks & appetizers did make it up to us in the waiting room.  Also half a dozen glasses crashed to the floor (& a flood of beer swept over out feet)… no one even blinked an eye, they just swept it up & brought us more.  It looked really yummy, but I didn’t eat anything, I was still really anxious about the first dance!  My fabulous bridesmaids labored over getting my bustle to work- but a critical string broke- luckily there were emergency safety pins on hand (thanks again to a great coordinator!)… and then- it was time.   The DJ played the songs & the guys & gals entered the hall.  Then Steve & I made it down the stairs- ready for our dance!!!

Now some people wanted to know name of the song we danced too- it’s “Whole Wide World” by Wreckless Eric.  I know the song from the movie Stranger Than Fiction. In the movie the song is the catalyst for the love story.  What better song for a wedding first dance!  Our love story is really getting started!  🙂  We ROCKED the dance, just had a blast, laughed, and hopefully entertained all our friends & family.  Thanks again to Nicole for helping us choreograph it.  We did probably half of the dance her choreography, and 1/2 our own “free style” moves…. gee could you tell which was which!?

The rest of the evening went so fast, but it didn’t feel to me like it was too fast.  Just a happy giddy pace.  The food came & went, we visited as many tables & booths as possible.  We got a little time to play in the photo wall.  Soon it was time for the toasts!  Michelle and Amanda did a wonderful job.  They both captured in their speeches about me- what I love about them.  Michelle was funny, and so insightful & supportive, Amanda was sweet, articulate & loving.  Andy’s words were so sweet & kind.  I love that he’s excited to have me as a sister!  Right back at ya!  Ryan’s toast- was impromptu but so perfect.  He’ was spot on about Steve taking his time to make great decisions.    My mom’s toast hit the nail on the head that all these wonderful people I’ve been surrounded with in my life have had a great impact on me.

Onto the cake cutting and then finally the BAND!!!   We then just danced the night away.  It was so fun to see all our friends, our parents & everyone dancing!  The band & the DJ couldn’t have played more perfect songs.  I love me a good cover band, and the creepers really put their own awesome touch on the songs they play!    We danced & danced, and at the end- for the last two songs, they played one of Steve’s choices (Jawbreaker) and mine (Sinatra) and we just danced together surrounded by our friends.  We basically only left because they turned the lights on!

I know Audrey & Sam met the coordinator to stuff my mom’s car with the presents & decorations, I know that somehow Ryan lost his tux jacket, but I didn’t see any of that, I just enjoyed the bus ride back with Steve & our friends!

It truly was a magical night.  Steve & I just kept looking around saying, we did it!  Everything looks just right!

Thank you SO much to Vicki & Scott, Grandma Bonnie and to Ray for helping us make this happen!  It was so fun to be able to do exactly what we wanted!!    Thank you Mom for being fabulous always, and for loving my dress & veil, even when I scared you with my choices on food!  I know everything came out very “us” and VERY FUN!  I couldn’t ask for anything more.

And thank you to Steve, for being the BEST possible boyfriend, fiance & now HUSBAND that I could have ever dreamed of.  You inspire me, support me, and most of all crack me up!  I have more fun with you than anyone, and I know we’re going to rock this!


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