Are you ready for some football?

Oh the shame of our wedding date falling on a HOME USC game. (Check the schedule here).  We tried to work around it- but hey- when the Cathedral tells you their availability- you listen!  🙂

So, the USC Game on the 2nd starts at 5pm.   Our wedding Starts at 5:30pm.   Let’s just say- the 110 will NOT be a pretty sight.   Please try to find an alternate route- but really- just don’t hate us for the traffic!

Fight on!


One response to “Are you ready for some football?

  • mom

    I so cited!!!!!!
    It’s been about 32 years but I can still hear you saying this and I can see that incredible smile that would follow. It forced your cheeks upward. So much that your eyes squinted to accomodate all the extra joy.

    Now, with a smile, that feels so so good, ( I don’t need to look)
    I so cited too. I so cited for you and Jamie.
    Love love Mom

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