23 days and counting…

planning a wedding is bizarre.

i mean- it’s terribly excited & fantastic to dream up whatever we want, but it’s also very odd.  planning something together on this scale is new to us.   it has forced us to write down the names of all the people we know & love.  it’s made us pay attention to things like textures of fabric & variations in colors of flowers.    we’ve gotten to sit down and discuss so many things we probably would otherwise never think to talk about.  we’ve even read aloud to each other to test out what the wedding vows & readings will sound like.  it’s very rare that you get to sit around reading aloud to one another.  although… maybe it shouldn’t be!  who doesn’t like to be read to!?

the RSVP deadline is fast approaching (9.10.10 will be here tomorrow!)…  we’re putting the spreadsheets & to do lists to work.  we’re coming close to the final guest counts.  i may even have to set out to craft one more table number, but we’ll know more this weekend!

we’re getting more and more excited to be so close to the big day.  and i’m getting really excited to see some of the family & friends who live far away.  seeing everyone’s names on the rsvp cards & the hotel booking lists makes me giddy!


One response to “23 days and counting…

  • Mom

    I just found this site. I looked for the wedding channel on your invitation and could only find the “teamsteamie” site. I had no
    idea what that was. Oh well, I’m older, yes, but the WORD, wordpress, tricked me. I thought it was advertising the invitation
    Not convinced totally, I went ahead,(so glad I did) and had so much fun reading everything you shared. I’ts so great you are writing everything down.
    Love love
    Mom V

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