Our Wedding Party

Yes, it’s a big group.  But Steve and I are so lucky to have such great family & friends.  They’ve been in our lives so long- they’re part of the family now too!

We’re so thankful to all of them for being a fabulous part of our lives over the years, and cannot think of anything more fitting, than to have them standing by our sides on this big day!

Jamie’s attendants

  • Amanda Garretson, Maid Of Honor
  • Michelle Anthony, Matron of Honor
  • Andrea Poltorak, Bridesmaid
  • Audrey Aronoff, Bridesmaid
  • Lisha Steinkoenig, Bridesmaid
  • Melissa Quigley, Bridesmaid
  • Juliet Corwder, Bridesmaid
  • Alice Gates, Bridesmaid
  • Jamason Jolly, Usher
  • George Kypreos, Usher

Steve’s attendants

  • Andy Knollmiller, Best Man
  • Tim Huarte, Groomsman
  • Ryan Painter, Groomsman
  • Danny Cook, Groomsman
  • Brian Campbell, Groomsman
  • Cody Wohlman, Usher

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