Popping the question…

We planned our own little holiday gift exchange for the Saturday before Christmas, since we knew we’d be busy with each of our families Christmas day..

We set up a whole mock Christmas morning… I (Jamie) made french toast & Steve had the fire going.  After opening all our gifts- I was hanging some gift ribbon on the tree… then Steve started fidgeting with it…  and then to surprise me,  he pulled out 2 ornaments of his back pockets.  The ornaments were a “J” & an “S”.  Our initials, (and MY initials… which I tend to decorate with on a regular basis).   It was a little thing, but I was just so touched.  I was talking to Steve, going on and on about how how I love all the little things he does.  I had no idea what else was in store!

So, As we hang the ornaments, I  keep going on about how Steve always surprises me…  when all of  the sudden Steve says… “Are you ready for one more surprise” and as he said  this- he got down on one knee!  

He pulled out a beautiful ring and asked “Will you marry me”…  I said, “Are you serious?” and then, “YES!”

The ring was perfect, and we were giddy and enjoyed spreading the good news to all our family & friends.


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