Steamie Kitchen: AFTER

While typically I love nothing more than a good before & after photo comparison,
seeing the “After” in our very own kitchen has come with much more bleh/frustration/angst than I had ever hoped.
To be sure, it is still very NOT PERFECT.  And man, did the process make us [ok- mostly me] VERY unhappy.
But behold the power of transformation!  The “after” sure does make our house feel like new,  now that we’re finally (sort of/ mostly) DONE.
The last item on my to do list (beyond the lingering construction defect issues!) was to add the roman shade over the kitchen window.  Voila!  Thank you The Shade Store for simply showing up & putting it in correctly the first time.  haha.  We needed something to go smoothly in here!    This window is our same old window- but with the removal of the mini-blinds- it feels much more open!
We love how much more open the whole kitchen is now- without the low ceiling, and the wall & pocket door at the dining room.  Our bench seat in the dining room gets way more use now too, as it’s easy to sit there facing the kitchen or facing the dining table- depending on where the activity is.  :)
So, no thanks to the awful process we went through to get here, we are very happy to be home with our new and improved space!
and  I swear, we’ll take a bit of a break from the remodeling to all recover (both emotionally and financially!) before we tackle the master bathroom (and the 70’s shell sink!!!)

Happy New Year!

IMG_2570Happy New Year!
Welcome 2015!  Team Steamie is ready for ya!
We spent our new years eve snuggling (aka being the human mattress) while our Teeny Steamie sweated and slept off her mystery fever.  Poor babe, nothing is more sad than looking at those little eyes all glossy & cheeks all flushed with sickness.  But thankfully she perked up on the 1st, and so far has been her happy (and feisty) self for the new year.
Cheers to all the adventures to come in the new year.

2014 | Recap

Before we get knee deep in the adventures of the new year, I wanted to do a little reflection on what 2014 brought us!
January  |  Steve was awarded City Employee of the year!  (Go Steve!!)
February |  We sold the condo we’d been renting out for 3 years.   But first It got a pretty new kitchen for the new owner to enjoy!  (clearly we like to start kitchen renovations in Decembers!!)
March |  Paid off student loans!  HOORAY for that.  Only took me 10 year post graduation, but I’d say it was worth it, and honestly if I had to do it over again, I would have probably borrowed a bit more, and lived in nicer apartments!  haha- but hindsight is 20/20 right!?  :)  So long Sallie Mae!
April | Celebrated our darling little girl’s first birthday!  What a milestone for our little family.  So fun to see all the changes a year brings, and celebrate our little miss!
September | I got a new job- which means way less [so far none] traveling for me, so more time at home with my hubby & baby!
October | Rang in Team Steamie’s 4th wedding anniversary- in the same suite we stayed at during  our wedding weekend at the LAAC!  Love that hotel, and running around downtown for a weekend!
December | Commenced with the kitchen remodel!  That project won’t wrap up till later in January- but the prepping, planning and demo started in Dec and led us to finish 2014 with dust & excitement of pretty new things to come!
Not too bad for one little year.  It’s always crazy to look back and see how quickly things change each year.

Steami-ized Gift Tags- DIY

Requiring no actual “crafting” this DIY, is more of an “OIY” (order it yourself)… but here’s how we arrived at our cute little personalized gift tags:

IMG_2312Since the other half of this “Team Steamie” was kind enough to cave to me pestering and get a holiday card photos shoot this year [pictures here]… I just couldn’t leave well enough alone at using the photos just for the cards.

Must. Maximize. Cuteness.

While I was checking out online cards, I noticed templates for simple, square business cards. The light bulb clicked on, and I ordered a set of 50 cards with a simple image from our photo shoot (Gotta love E’s sparkly shoes!). Yes, I had a coupon code… yes, I’m a sucker for square format anything.

With just a simple hole punch- voila- personalized gift tags.

I really think they added a lovely touch to this years wrapping. I didn’t buy ANY wrapping supplies this year, just used up what was left over in the archives (aka- the wrapping paper box under our bed). I envy those out there with a full room dedicated to creating magical packages to sit under the tree… but I’m happy with our sparkly yarn & adorable feet adorning gifts for our loved ones!

Ho. Ho. Ho.

Have a very STEAMIE Christmas! [2014]

Happy Holidays from Team Steamie!

Happy Holidays

Here’s some excerpts from the mini-photo shoot for out holiday cards this year.  It was quite chilly & breezy & our little E was a bit camera shy, preferring to try to run off and play rather than sit & pose, but they still turned out darling.  Love that little FACE.

EverlyLeafRomperOutReachShmilesside looksmilesSnugglessquishMamalookingshoes

I made her little romper the night before using this pattern from Etsy.  The fabric I had snatched up at Joann’s back in September when I went shopping for Halloween costume fixings.    It’s a little loose still, but OH SO FUN!

*photos taken in and around the Boathouse Collective I saw a review with one picture of the exterior & instantly knew I wanted to hang out with all that corrugated metal!

Steamie Kitchen- Re Do!

It’s no secret the kitchen at the Steamie House has been on the To-do list for quite some time.  We’ve discussed what we’d want, and day dreamed & hoped. (and saved and saved and saved)   And then, it just hit us, along with the bottoms of the existing drawers falling out & spilling silverware all over my feet… IT’S TIME.

Time to Demo,  time to renovate!
We talked more about what we wanted, I drew up some plans, and then we met with contractors.  What did we learn?  Well, of course, we learned nearly any details I wanted to see in the kitchen required custom cabinetry.  haha… Poor us.   I think often of Steve, and how he happily entered into marriage with an architect- not realizing it would just plague us forever.  The perils of being an architect – high end dreams, without a high end budget!
Universally the word “custom” means “costs more” but in the end, I think we found a contractor that is a good fit- they build their cabinets custom for all jobs… so they are used to that, which means, we get our custom sized & shaped cabinets!  Hooray for enabling my crackpot schemes of appliance garages & cabinets reaching to the ceiling!  (Simple wishes, yet somehow too tricky for the readily available prefab cabinets!)
We’ve documented the before (pictures below) and with demolition wrapping up this week, we’re just entering the “during”.  But the “after” will come, and then we can revisit- hopefully with pictures of said custom cabinets, perfectly fitting all our functional and aesthetic dreams.  haha.  Fingers crossed!
Also- pinners be warned….  as one contractor told us, pinterest is a black hole of wishes that are far too costly to come true!  but man… it’s still fun to stare at & pin the pretty kitchens that someone some other people can afford.  haha.  C’est la Vie.  And who knows,  maybe later our custom cabinets may end up pinned somewhere haunting some poor sap who doesn’t know that custom is a bad (for the budget) word.
​Here’s some “Before” pics:
This is the view from the Living room.  Goodbye strange closet- thank you for holding everything from serving ware, gift wrap and party supplies, to cleaning supplies and light bulbs.  ​
Steve saving goodbye to his the kitchen in his own way….
Here’s some progress shots of the demo day 1!
View of the exterior wall all exposed!

Steamie does the Kidney Walk

This past weekend Team Steamie joined my office for the

National Kidney Foundation walk in LA. (And the Laker Girls joined as well)


This wasn’t the first 5k we’ve taken Everly to, however it was the first one that was a “walk” not a run, and the first since she’s been old enough to prefer to walk over stroll.

So….. she walked, and danced, and was carried, all while we managed the stroller (empty) through the crowds!  haha.

Here’s some dancing with Daddy:




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