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SO as a little treat to myself- I attended this weekends Blogshop LA.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, since I do already know how to use photoshop (at least for my purposes at work, or crafting), and I don’t really “BLOG” why on earth would I take this class?  But something about it kept calling me, can’t look at all those instagram posts & not get lured in I guess. Last year, before we sold our condo,- I told Steve, if it sells, I’m treating myself to Blogshop!  Well… thankfully the condo sold, but Blogshop kept selling out before I could sign up!

Finally I was able to snag a spot.  I was getting nervous this week, sort of second guessing my decision, but come Saturday all fears were alleviated- as the class was informative, fun, and extremely well run!  LOVED the preloaded thumb drives, all the example tasks, and the personal attention.   Bri & Angela made us all feel welcome, and the helpers quickly jumped in to answer any questions.   And lets not forget the goody bags.

It was a weekend full of photoshop tutorials, with dabbles in graphic design and blogging tips.  All of which seemed useful and applicable to blogging, obviously, but also to any graphic/media communication.

Having used Photoshop for years (with NO training) I could usually create the final images I wanted, but I for sure was using the LONG way. I’ve now learned much faster techniques, and several completely new to me, and total “Ah-Ha” tips.  All in all, a very excellent course, and I can’t wait to put the skills to work.  Be it at work, or at home.


 I wanted to post some items I made. This is NOT everything we made, but while it was still fresh I wanted to get some goodies up. Hopefully I’ll keep all the skills learned today and push forward and develop more! I mean seriously- I’m so fired up. I keep looking at all the images I see, thinking about how I could edit/embellish!

Also- Rule one was about keeping all images the same width…  I’m already FAILING- since I can’t tell how to control that yet on here… I will make an effort to fix that (for the next post… I’m already done with this one!  haha)


New skill- making GIF animations!

Steamie Yard- recap

Our Yard was completed back in early April- but with baby prep (and arrival!) & letting the plants grow a bit- we haven’t done a proper “after” blog post.

I keep waiting for us to have an official outdoor party so I could have pictures with the yard full of people & food & drinks.  We have we have had a few small bbq’s, but on those days I (of course) forget to stop to take pics of the yard since we’re busy enjoying it!

So this morning- while Steve tended to the watering & weeding (he’s doing a great job keeping things green & happy!)- I snapped a few pics so we can see some of the progress photos and a kind of  “where are they now” look at things.


Here’s the side yard- progress and today- those plants are SUPER happy even in the late summer heat.



Here is the view from our master bedroom into the back yard- Progress, and today.







Here is the back yard from the BBQ area- progress and today.


And here’s proof we have sat out there & enjoyed the fruits of our labor-


Steamie House

A sweet surprise from our photo shoot for Everly were all the little snippets of our house Kristin captured when she was here!  I wasn’t expecting it, but I really love seeing the bits of our house that seemed to have caught her eye!

First: The MOOSE.  the only item that adorns the wall above the couch in the family room.


This little corner of the dining room


The light fixture in our entryway (gee, someone should really dust that!)


Everly’s “E” on our book shelf in the study, along side a majong game from Shanghai and vintage construction books from my grandfather.


The little airstream piggy bank with our (hopefully, continually growing) collection of travel books


A fabulous coffeetable book, and rad photobooth pictures from my cousin’s wedding. (we call this one “the birds and the bees”).


A picture of my grandparents on the shores of lake Michigan rests in front of the Neutra book that Steve gave my on my birthday the first year we started dating.  He initially presented me with a bike pump in the beginning of the date, and just as he dropped me off at home- sprung this beauty on me.  That’s pretty much when I knew he was a keeper (and totally one to scheme up surprises!)


This little dachshund toy- I bought in Italy on our honeymoon!


The crib/mobile/triangles of the nursery- with our little nugget squirming away!


I love the images of our little family on our bed- and sneaking in the back our “head board” of frames collected from family and flea markets, we painted the same color as our wall.


June 2013- Steamie Summer!

Steve Kicked off june as usual- with the Youth Action Team Booth at Relay for Life.  Everly and I were exempt (this year) from Camping out- but we made sure to stop by & show our support & get a few laps in!  Loved the Beatles theme of their booth!  Everly was NOT a fan of all that sun- she stayed eye’s shut most of the visit, even under the tent was too bright.


Everly got to attend her first Bridal shower! (we may have had to escape early before any crying blew her image of a perfect baby!  Haha)


Lots of enjoying the playmat & traveler this month.

 IMG_0160 IMG_0174

Making progress on that tummy time!


Visited Uncles David & Andy at work.


First trip to Stone for a Growler fill up with Daddy.


Mama & Daddy got to get gussied up & go out on the town (sans baby) for Megan & Daniel’s awesome wedding.   Loved the barn, the décor and of course the sweet ceremony & awesome Dancing!    It was the longest I’d been away from Everly yet, but she was happy home with Nana & Pop Pop on duty!  Also we got to continue our joke that we only attend weddings when Kristin Rogers is the photographer!

 IMG_0216 IMG_0217 IMG_0218 IMG_0230 IMG_0223 IMG_0229 IMG_0225 IMG_0226 IMG_0227 IMG_0232 IMG_0233 IMG_0235 IMG_0237 IMG_0238 IMG_0246 IMG_0247

Starting to outgrow the bassinet! (and that onesie!)


THIS face!


And this Smile is the BEST way to start a morning.


Visited Auntie Amanda at work- first time I got to capture “elevator eyes” as we rode to the parking garage.


Lunch date at the Park with Lisha & Debbie & Dylan & Ryder.  Everly’s first train ride & zoo trip!

 IMG_0326 IMG_0336 IMG_0335 IMG_0333

Lunch dates with Grandma in Laguna!


Wearing My baby socks!  Baby’s first Vintage fashion.  ;)

 IMG_0356 IMG_0355 IMG_0357

Everly LOVES laying on our bed & watching the fan.

 IMG_0380 IMG_0364 IMG_0365 IMG_0368

Baby’s first craft- fathers day card for Daddy.


Trip to Palm Springs for Fathers Day.  Steve got to proudly wear all his “Dad” shirts!

 IMG_0453 IMG_0460

Bath Time!


My first Run post-baby.  VERY slow & wobbly feeling, but felt great to be out and more active after all these recovery weeks.


We made a rare evening outing to attend the 31 Bits summer launch party.  There was burgers & beer & bands & Shopping!  And posing for photos- which is a steamie favorite.

 IMG_0593 IMG_0594 IMG_0595 IMG_0603 IMG_0602 IMG_0610 IMG_0608 IMG_0643

We learned the trials of wearing a headband in the car.


Everly got to go on her first ride along while I jogged.


Starting to enjoy the swing just a bit.


TRYing to roll over… not quite there, but really working on it.


Growing so much- but still looks so tiny when Daddy holds her.


And… perhaps Steve needs a haircut?


Teeny Steamie- 3 month Photos!

After initially planning on a newborn photo shoot the week we got home from the hospital- we quickly learned that- just like how she crashed our yard party by showing up 3 weeks ahead of schedule, Everly had other plans for her pictures.  She rescheduled her pictures by refusing to eat AT ALL & crying all night before our 10am photo shoot.  In case you’re keeping score: Newborn- 2, Parents- 0.

So with the dates pushed back- it became a 3 month photo shoot!

 And just to make sure we still knew who was in charge, Everly ruled- refusing to smile while a camera was on her- but of course- she’s still adorable!

Here are some of our favorite shots.  Always hard to choose & not just show them ALL!

DSC_0936-2635745261-O DSC_0864-2635703921-O

DSC_0752-2635604346-O DSC_0741-2635596864-O

DSC_0788-2635635870-O DSC_0825-2635663886-O


 DSC_0903-2635729866-O DSC_0906-2635730005-O



Great- Grandmothers

Our Teeny Steamie is one lucky girl to get to spend time with TWO Great Grandmothers.  Over mothers day weekend we adventured to Palm Springs to meet one, and then the following weekend visited the other.

2013-05-12 11.47.11



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